We have diverse well maintained modern fleets to transport all types of cargo swiftly and safely to the customer’s preferred destination. Our vehicles are easily accessible at any time. They are kept up to date as per the maintenance policies and therefore provides better performance which are :
1. Timely delivery of goods
2. Almost nil engine breakdown or body part failure
3. Better transportation of goods in difficult or unpredictable climatic and topographic conditions.

Our workforce comprises of skilled and trained staff who are highly professional in their work. It is because of their dedication, expertise and integrated services that ITLC is able to achieve new heights in the Cargo Movement Industry. The employees of ITLC work as a family and they are the main Asset of the company. ITLC keeps on upgrading the knowledge, skills and performance of its employees so that the quality services are being rendered to its customers and for this we deploy the right blend of people in right number at the right time.